【Flutter】flutter doctor 报错Android license status unknown. Run `flutter doctor --android-licenses‘
📝【Flutter】Learning to develop a mind, 【Necessary knowledge for programmers】 📔 Today’s little knowledge——flutter doctorreport an errorAndroid license status unknown. Run'flutter doctor --android-licenses'to accept the SDK licensesSolution! [Flutter] Apple Mac computer configuration flutte
Flutter project running error Failed to find Build Tools revision 29.0.2
In the previous article, Flutter developed Android Studio to install a third-party emulator - Netease MuMu , which introduced the method of installing a third-party emulator, but after running the flutter run -d "MuMu" command, an error was reported, and I crashed again 😂. I finally installed an emulator, but it didn't work. My young mind was hurt again😭.
Flutter develops Android Studio to install third-party emulators - Netease MuMu
content 1. Configure the adb command  2. adb connects to NetEase MuMu simulator 3. Solve the problem that the mumu simulator adb cannot be recognized The last article introduced the environment configuration for Flutter development, but my 6-year-old Mac computer is still a bit difficult to run Android Studio! Opening some configuration windows are stu
Apple Mac computer configure flutter development environment
content foreword 1. Introduction to Flutter 2. Flutter Mac environment construction 2.1 Environmental requirements 2.2 Get Flutter SDK 2.3 Environment variable configuration 2.4 Run flutter doctor 3. Editor settings 3.1 iOS settings install Xcode 3.2 Setting up the iOS Simulator 3.3 iOS real machine running 4. Android environment configuration
[Flutter] Constructor in Dart
1. Write in front Introduced in the previous articleDartclasses and objects , then continue to learn nowDartthe constructor function . [Flutter] Apple Mac computer configuration flutter development environment [Flutter] Android Studio installs a third-party emulator - Netease MuMu [Flut
[Flutter] Dart's factory constructor & singleton object & initialization list
1. Write in front Introduced in the previous articleDartconstructor in , then continue to learn nowDartoffactory construction&singleton object&initialization list. [Flutter] Apple Mac computer configuration flutter development environment [Flutter] Android Studio installs a thir
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question: You are currently unavailable because this site uses HSTS. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page may return to normal later describe: You are currently unavailable because this site uses HSTS. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this
Create websocket service and client request using Python
1 What is WebSocket This paragraph is from the rookie tutorial - WebSocket . Like HTTP, WebSocket is also a communication protocol that allows the server to actively push data to the client. In the WebSocket API , the browser and the server only need to complete one handshake, and a persist
Python judges sqlite connection status_Some tips for querying sqlite3 in Python
Original title: Some tips for querying sqlite3 in Python I've been using sqlite3 a lot lately in projects involving heavy data processing. My initial attempt didn't involve any database at all, all data would be kept in memory , including queries like dictionary lookups, iterations, and conditions. That's fine, but there's only so much that can fit into me
The usage of Cython and the posture of filling the hole
Because of the needs of the project, the existing Python code needs to be optimized. The current execution process of Python code is to convert the Python code into line-by-line instructions, and then the interpreter interprets the execution of the instructions and calls them to the C code layer. If you remove the instruction interpretation stage and directly enter the C code
(2019.12.17 resolved) Cython compile ImportError: No module named Cython.Build
HelloWorld program As the first program to learn, " Cython Use Case: Output Hello World ", there may be errors like the title. In the actual file there isCython.BuildYes, this is because of environment configuration issues. How to call Python3 in cmd PyCharmmiddle yesPython3, already ins
(2019.11.22 has been resolved) Cython error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat
Cython passCythonWillPythoncode toC codeand publishPython moduleError during export. i.e. throughCythoncompilepyorpyxdocument: background noun Microsoft Visual C++: referred to as Visual C++, MSVC, VC++ or VC, it is a C++ development tool under the Windows platform developed by Microso
Cython use case: output Hello World
Cython Cythonis containing C data typesPython. " Cython Research Data Summary " pythonis a scripting language;cpythonis usedcto achievepythoninterpreter;cythonis another programming language,pythonandcbetween; ActuallycythonThe original intention of the design is also the same, both to u
Python implements AES CBC mode encryption and decryption
There are five AES encryption methods: ECB, CBC, CTR, CFB, OFB The CBC encryption method is recommended from the perspective of security. This article introduces the python implementation of CBC and ECB encryption methods. What to install when using AES    under  Windows is the pycryptodome module pip install pycryptodome  python  to install when using AES    under Linux is th
Git/Shell: batch git pull, one-click update of multiple repositories in the same directory (quickly pull all projects)
May 26, 2020 version-2.0 git_pull_Batch.sh #!/bin/bash function showGreen(){ echo -e "\033[32m $1 \033[0m"} function showBlue(){ echo -e "\033[36m $1 \033[0m"} function showYellow(){ echo -e "\033[33m $1 \033[0m"} function showWhite(){ echo -e "\033[37m $1 \033[0m"} function traver
Python implements AES_256 CBC mode encryption algorithm
AES AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Advanced Encryption Standard. It is a block encryption standard adopted by the US federal government. This standard is used to replace the original DES, which has been analyzed by many parties and is widely used all over the world. After a multi-year s
aes iv value_AES encryption: difference between GCM and CBC mode
 AES encryption: the difference between GCM and CBC modes Difference between GCM and CBC Introduction  In the build scan results of the project code, Sonarsource Rule recommends using AES-GCM instead of AES-CBC. What is the difference between the two? Can it be replaced as suggested? Taking this opportunity, I learned the basic concepts of t
Install matplotlib report since package 'wheel' is not installed
python install matplotlib report since package 'wheel' is not installed solution 11 Direct pip install wheel reports an error, use python -m pip install -U wheel to solve it, and there will be no prompts for reinstalling matplotlib
Python python3.8 installed with pip
Python is a scripting language, easy to learn, rich in third-party libraries , can do data analysis, machine learning, data processing, website development, etc. The following teaches you how to install Python3.8 and how to use pip to install third-party libraries (packages) Python installation Python official website: https://www.python.org/ Download
Installation and use of git-secret components (a mastery)
content 1. What is git-secret 2. What is gpg 3. Install git-secret Fourth, use gpg to create a key pair 5. Use git-secret to encrypt git projects 6. View the project on gitlab Seven, download the project on gitlab and decrypt Eight, decrypt on macOS install gpg Install git-secret export private key  export public key Download the private key yo
Encrypt sensitive content with git-crypt
Encrypt sensitive content with git-crypt Instructions: 1. Install the git-crypt command Download address: https://github.com/oholovko/git-crypt-windows/releases Copy git-crypt.exe to the Git installation directory: XXX\Git\ cmd 2. Generate the key Go to the local project directory, open Git Base Here, execute git-crypt init, Note: Only those who man
Various methods for Anaconda to install python third-party libraries
Various methods for Anaconda to install python third-party libraries (updated offline installation) The previous article talked about some introduction and installation of anaconda, and third-party sources were also introduced. This article introduces various methods of Anaconda to install
Android Says Bonjour
Android Says Bonjour It's a pleasure to continue the Android story for readers in this issue of Programmer Magazine, which begins the Lunar Year of the Snake . When I first arrived, I first wanted to say "hello" to everyone. Interestingly, Android is also very human, since 4.1 , it will say " Bonjour ". But does it speak in an authentic French accent? See b
mDNS20170217 of network protocol
DNS (Domain Name System, Domain Name System) on the Internet is a distributed database that maps domain names and IP addresses to each other, enabling users to access the Internet more conveniently without having to remember IP strings that can be directly read by machines. The process of obtaining the IP address corresponding to the host name through the host name is called d
anaconda conda switch to domestic source, windows and Linux configuration method, add Tsinghua source - [read the article]
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