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SpringBoot 2.0 tutorial 2020 version has been released~
SpringBoot super detailed tutorial download address: https://download.csdn.net/download/qq_49242487/12600972

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   SpringBoot has become a standard tool for small and medium-sized enterprises to build web application systems, which can be called a rapid development artifact. Especially with the full popularity of microservices, SpringBoot has become the de facto industry standard for service-based development. There are many books on the market explaining SpringBoot , but most of them are large in length, and they have little effect for beginners to get started quickly and master practical skills. Therefore, the actual combat experience in actual work is compiled into this book, which is outlined and guided to help beginners master practical skills and get started quickly. The content includes core concepts such as data access (multiple data sources), transaction management (distributed transactions), and automatic configuration principles.

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The SpringBoot column is initially divided into the following chapters (updated in a timely manner)
remarks 0. Review of Spring 's Java configuration method
1. SpringBoot introduction
2. SpringBoot quick start
3. SpringBoot Web development
4. SpringBoot data access
5. SpringBoot transaction management
6. Log management and Code simplification
7. SpringBoot integrates Ehcache
8. Hot deployment
9. Monitoring management
10. Performance optimization
11. New features of SpringBoot 2.0 version
12. SpringBoot automatic assembly principle
13. SpringBoot integrates Influxdb
14. springboot mybatis druidMultiple data source transactions
15. SpringBoot integrates Resttemplate-connection pool
16. SpringBoot parameter validation and unified exception handling best practices
17. SpringBoot integration thread pool best practices
18. Understanding SpringBoot Application

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