[Original] Python get CPU information

# Get CPU running status
def cpuInfo():
    Get CPU running status
    cpuTimes = psutil.cpu_times()

    # Get memory information in CPU information
    def memoryInfo(memory):
        Get memory information in CPU information
        :param memory: 
        return {
            'Total memory(total)': kmgt(memory.total),
            'used (used)': kmgt(memory.used),
            'free(free)': kmgt(memory.free),
            'Usage (percent)': str(memory.percent) + '%',
            '可用(available)': kmgt(memory.available) if hasattr(memory, 'available') else '',
            '活跃(active)': kmgt(memory.active) if hasattr(memory, 'active') else '',
            'inactive': kmgt(memory.inactive) if hasattr(memory, 'inactive') else '',
            'kernel used(wired)': kmgt(memory.wired) if hasattr(memory, 'wired') else ''

    return {
        'Number of physical CPUs': psutil.cpu_count(logical=False),
        'Number of logical CPUs': psutil.cpu_count(),
        'CPU usage': psutil.cpu_percent(percpu=True),
        'Virtual memory': memoryInfo(psutil.virtual_memory()),
        'Swap memory': memoryInfo(psutil.swap_memory()),
        'The system starts up to the current moment': {
            pro: getattr(cpuTimes, pro) for pro in dir(cpuTimes) if pro[0:1] != '_' and pro not in ('index', 'count')



View CPU and memory information in the current operating environment

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