Chapter 5 ESP32 Development Guide -----New Project

New project and build settings

If sdkconfig is not copied to the folder, the make menuconfig interface will pop up when make all, remember to set the serial port number and save it, the effect is the same as copying.

If you want to know why such a directory structure is used, you can learn about several mk files in $(IDF_PATH)/make/ if you are interested.


Compile the project with VScode

Use VScode to open the folder, call up the terminal, and execute the make all command


Download the program through the serial port

Entering make flash in the terminal is to download all the programs to esp32 . This is the first programming command for the first project. If you only modify the application program and do not modify the project settings in the later stage, you can directly use make app-flash.



Serial monitoring of ESP32 operation

Use make monitor in the terminal to monitor the serial port.


Summary of New ESP32 Project

More reference to the official and open source one-step directory structure.

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