Google oauth 2.0
The Chinese translation of the official document of Oauth 2.0: Oauth 2.0 Chinese explanation reference document: Notes from the reference documentation above are as follows: The focus of OAuth 2.0 is to simplify the complexity of OAuth1.0, thereby simplifying the
[Continuous update] Summary of FFmpeg common commands
FFmpeg Toolkit Common commands 1. View video information ffmpeg -i input.mp4 1 or ffprobe -i input.mp4 1 The output information is as follows: ffmpeg version 4.2.3 Copyright © 2000-2020 the FFmpeg developers built with Apple clang version 11.0.3 (clang-1103.0.32.59) configuratio
Use translation of ffmpeg-python library (2)
Continuing from the previous article on the translation of the ffmpeg-python library (1) Original: example Get Video Information (ffprobe) probe = ffmpeg.probe(args.in_filename)video_stream = next ((stream for stream in probe[ 'streams' ] if stream[
layui upload file loading loading animation
jquery layui starts requesting to open layui loading animation and close layui loading animation after all requests are over The ajaxSetup() method sets default values ​​for future AJAX requests. There is a beforeSend method in the $.ajax request, which is used to perform some actions befo
CSS Flex Layout Tutorial
1. What is flex layout? Flex is the abbreviation of Flexible Box, which means "elastic layout", which is used to provide maximum flexibility for the box model. Any container can be specified as a flex layout. .box { display : flex;} Inline elements can also be laid out using Flex. .box { display : inline-flex;} Browsers with Webkit kern
Pit avoidance guide: Google OAuth2.0 client authorization request error
If you want to call various google api interfaces on google cloud platform, you need to complete OAuth2.0 authentication first. For web applications, official documents are provided: Pit 1: Incomplete jar package dependencies The java implementation I use, the official class library requi
PHP gets YouTube video related information (Youtube Api v3)
1. First, you must have a Google account and a Google API key. 2. Enable youtube api v3 through Google account and create API key. 3. You can go to the API usage documentation page to have a look. It's all code (Get a description of the retur
Google login authorization detailed process
foreword This post contains google login authorization from a complete demo of google login authorization from API creation to login using Java code. Mainly to realize the service of google associated users, such as google merchant center and so on. If you only need to use google mailbox to log in, it is recommended to implement google login by the front
Google Gmail Oauth Client ID Authentication Guide
Official documentation: Reference video: OAuth2 client ID and client secret New project project console:
Create an OAuth application
Create an OAuth application You can create and register OAuth applications under your personal account or under any organization for which you have administrative rights. When creating an OAuth application, remember to protect your privacy by only using information you consider public. Note: A user or organization can have a maximum of 100 OAuth applica
Introduction to using Youtube Data API
This article is for those wishing to writeyoutubeDevelopers of interactive programs can quickly understand how to use the Youtube Data API interface.YouTubeWith a large number of videos, how to quickly retrieve the desired video as needed is very important. By examining the data, it was foun
Python OpenCV removes watermark from video
guide The picture above shows a certain frame in the video, which needs to beEntity ExpansionandExit Full Screenand the upper righttwo circle buttonsto delete. Solutions A very simple idea is,Copy two blocks from the same background of the other two blocks on the picture to replace the bl
Openpilot EP1: In-depth analysis of Openpilot open source project
Table of contents 0. Preface 1. Overall introduction 2. System architecture and hardware configuration 2.1 System Architecture 2.2 Hardware configuration 3. Mass production safety standard system 4. Ecosystem 5. Software algorithm analysis 5.2 Supercombo model 5.3 DMS model 5.4 Localization algorithm 5.5 Planner/Controls algorithm 6. Epilogue
[Picture] Python converts RGB color and hexadecimal color
RGB color is called "true color", which is the default color used in Photoshop and the most commonly used color mode. An image in RGB mode consists of 3 color channels, namely the red channel (Red), the green channel (Green) and the blue channel (Blue). Each channel uses 8-bit color information, and the value range of each color is 0~255. The combination of
python-- draw a rectangular frame on the picture (target detection)
matplotlib library Rectangle((top left corner x, top left corner y), width, height) import matplotlib.pyplot as plt _ _ fig = plt . figure ( ) ax = fig . add_subplot ( 1 , 1 , 1 ) rect = plt . Rectangle ( ( top_left_x , top_left_y ) , width , height , fill = False , edgecolor = 'red' ,
Use python to draw a rectangular frame rectangle on the picture
We use opencv's rectangle implementation, the sample program clicks import cv2image = cv2.imread( '1.jpg' )cv2.rectangle(image, (xmin, ymin), (xmax, ymax), ( 0 , 0 , 255 ), 2 ) cv2.imwrite( '2.jpg' , image)
The pr basic graphics template cannot be used_Pr Getting Started Part 11: Basic Graphics Panel
The Essential Graphics panel is used to create graphic clips . Its main functions include: (1) Subtitle or title, similar to the function of the old version of the title subtitle designer; (please refer to "Pr: Old version of the title subtitle designer") (2) Hierarchical relationship and animation based on layers; (3) Vector graphics and masks
[Machine Learning] AI Demosaic Tool (Image Restoration)
Show results Two-dimensional image (strip occlusion) Two-dimensional image (with mosaic) Three-dimensional image (strip occlusion) Three-dimensional image (other occlusion) written in front Evil Mosaic: Please see the picture below, it was originally a very normal moving picture,
ffmpeg use multiple filter parameters
Use commas to separate Among them, crop is the specified clipping area select between is the specified range of intercepted frames ffmpeg -i -vf "crop=400:400:0:0,select=between(n\,48\,99)" -ss 00:00:02.00 -t 00:00:02.000 -y res. mov 1
How to use FFmpeg commands to process audio and video
FFmpeg is a leading multimedia framework. It is a powerful open source library for processing audio and video. It can decode, encode, transcode, mix streams, stream media separation, filter and play audio and video content in almost all formats. It can not only use API to process audio and video, but also use FFmpeg commands to edit audio and video files.
[Python] The installation and configuration of ffmpeg and the use of ffmpy in python (nanny level graphics)
Welcome to the "Python" series , which is being continuously updated Welcome to the "Python" series , which is being continuously updated The use of ffmpy in python needs to be based on the installation configuration of ffmpeg 1. Installation and configuration of ffmpeg 1.1 Do
Use ffmpeg-python to get video information such as FPS, duration, etc.
foreword FFmpeg is an open-source free software that can record, convert, and stream audio and video formats. And ffmpeg-python is a set of ffmpeg python extensions developed and maintained by developer kkroening. On the author's GitHub project home page, many practical code examples are
Use translation of ffmpeg-python library (1)
Original address: , this article is google translation + some manual translation, I hope it can be useful to everyone. ffmpeg-python: Python bindings for FFmpeg overview There are already a large number of Python FFmpeg wrappers, but they seem to lack complex filter support. ffmpeg-pythonSuitable for simple an
【Adobe Premiere Pro script development】Data link
Google keyword search: adobe prime script guide PR script: /latest/ SDKs: CEP Plugin: Video Tutorial: https://www
Flink Practical Tutorial - Advanced (6): CEP Complex Event Processing
Introduction to Stream Computing Oceanus Stream computing Oceanus is a powerful tool for real-time analysis of the big data product ecosystem. It is an enterprise-level real-time big data analysis platform built on the basis of Apache Flink with the characteristics of one-stop development,